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Committee of ten directors  forms the Administration of Gaden Shartse. While the overall head of the Monastery is The Abbot, - Khen Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden, appointed directly by His Holiness the  Dalai Lama. The senior director supervises daily functioning of the Administration  of the monastery. All the directors are elected through equal votes by all  senior resident members of Gaden Shartse.




Gaden Shartse is purely  voluntary seat to learn Buddhist studies in Tibetan tradition. It is a  registered non-profit educational and cultural center. It is purely maintained
through donations and agricultural income. Fifty acres of farming land  originally allocated to the initial members of the Monastery in early 1970s  forms main source of the economy of the Monastery.




Unlike other educational  centers of its kind, it does not receive grants or funds from any Government  body. Donations and income raised through sale of crops are channeled to meet  the needs of the community. Whenever hardship is faced to make the ends meet,
The Abbot (Khen Rinpoche) and the administration of the monastery seek help  from devotees and supporters spread all over the world to see the community  through difficult times. We are extremely grateful to our kind, caring and  generous supporters and devotees who rescued us through many hard times in  past.




The Abbot - Khen Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden,

Administration of Gaden Shartse is  headed by Geshela  and all are elected committee members.

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