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White Jambhala Wealth Vase

The White Jambhala Wealth Vase was consecrated with special mantras, precious stones, incense, herbs,  pearl and etc. and was blessed by Gaden Shartse Monastery with special puja. The benefits of having the dharma wealth vase is to help oneself condition in all aspect, eg : rich in spiritual practice, wisdom, harmony, career, business and health. One who has a good motivation to invite the wealth vase, will be able to receive the great blessings from the deity.

Invite White Jambhala Wealth Vase at INR $8000/-


Yamantaka Ruel
Benefits of Yamantaka Ruel :
Unforseen factors influence and affect many individual's life at every level in society.  Some of these influences do not arise out of natural causes.  Their remedies also appear to be beyond human control.  A great number of people face this difficulty. The ruel and its ritual are an effective, reliable antidote to many of these paranormal idsturbances in life.  Amongst Tibetans, the ruel is considered to be perhaps the most powerful protection against black magic also. Prepared through authentic, prevailing traditions at the Gaden Shartse (Tibetan)Monastery, now in exile in India,  The Ruel renders protection when   obtacles arise.

                                                      Invite Yamantaka Ruel at INR $1200/-

White Umbrella (Dukkar) Chakra
Benefits of Dukkar Amulet (White Umbrella Goddess Chakra) 
This amulet has been imbued with the blessings and protective powers of Sitatapatra (Tibetan Dugkar) which translates as the Victorious White Parasol . As indicated in her name, she carries a radiant parasol (Umbrella) symbolic of her ability to protect sentient beings. Sitatapatra also has a thousand eyes to watch over all living beings and a thousand arms to protect and assist them. This Deity is very special and extremely powerful.  This amulet can provide blessing as well as protection from numerous harmful events such as natural disasters, accidents, diseaes, untimely death and so forth. The chakra offer us great blessings and protection..removing obstacles and protecting from negativity. The Chakra is consecreted by Gaden Shartse Monastery with pujas and mantras.

Invite White Umbrella Chakra at INR $1200/-


note  : The amount you have contributed are going to help the monastery's dharma activities.


Currently, all the items can be purchased directly from the monastery only.

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