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Although there are many programs at Gaden Shartse, preservation and development of Tibetan education and culture remains first priority. No restrictions are ever placed on the students due to cast, color, financial status or nationality. The educational programs take between ten to twenty five years to complete. Among Tibetans Gaden Shartse is recognized as one of the finest seats for education on Tibetan culture and Buddhism. It is one of  the few active Tibetan monastic centers for Tibetan Cultural and Buddhist studies. Gaden Shartse graduates are now important members of Tibetan community. Many hold responsible positions at the monastery itself, while others are active as writers, professors, teachers, scholars and translators.



Education Development Project of Gaden Shartse is an important department in the  monastery. It was established in the year 1989 to serve the need of the community. Since its inception the Education development Project did great services to the community.


It has successfully conducted great many international cultural tours. It is playing significant role to improve level of modern and traditional education in the monastery. It provides funds and supervises the management of the school  and undertakes maintenance of the debate courtyard.






The Abbot - Khen Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden, Education Development Project is headed by Geshela and all are elected committee members.